Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet baby girl :)

Our sweet baby girl is growing so fast!!

Here she is rubbing her eyes :)

We can't wait to meet her!!

This is the size of our sweet baby girl this week...hello spaghetti squash! I can feel her already practicing her dancing and tumbling :) She is a whopping 1 pound this week too!

I couldn't wait to start shopping for her! We already got her a few Rangers outfits...her daddy wouldn't have it any other way.

We are gradually starting on the nursery, but we still have a lot to do...

Here is the crib that we got...I love it! We are going for a vintage shabby-chic look.

Harlee in her sister's bed :)

The bedding we picked out for sweet baby girl! It will be slightly different from the picture, but you get the general idea.

As for now, we are trying to make the most of the rainy days in Little Elm :)

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

We wish all of you a happy 4th of July!! Here is a picture TJ took this morning at the lake. All of the Renshaw girls in our little, Harlee, Riley, and baby Renshaw :)

I wanted to thank all of our American soldiers!! Thank you for serving this great nation, we cannot thank you enough.

We wanted to thank a few American soldiers who are near and dear to our hearts...

First off...My Hero, My dad!!

Having fun in Hawaii, while stationed at Hickam AFB.

My dad in Afghanistan. I sent him that bear while he was deployed :)

Thank you for your service daddy! We love you so much :) love you LGD!!!

Dad having a little fun in the Philippines.

Dad's Squadron in Afghanistan.

Next, we have Mr. Justin Taylor!!

Justin Taylor, we wanted to say thank you, to you too :) By the way, the Yankees are going down this year...Go rangers!!

Tyler Renshaw, the newest service member in our family...

Thank you to Tyler Renshaw! You truly are the best brother-in-law ever :)

Last, but not least, Michael Brannon!! Thanks for your service cousin!!

Happy 4th of July to all! Be safe, have fun, and celebrate our freedom :)

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a beautiful life :)

Hello Blogging World!! This is something new that I am going to try and keep up with...please be patient until I get the hang of it :)
TJ and I have had a whole lot of exciting adventures going on in our lives over the past several months. Let me try and catch you up to speed!

Let's start from the month of February...

TJ's brother, Tyler, decided to go into the US Army!! We are all extremely proud of him and miss him very much :) He is currently at Fort Benning going through basic training...he will be finished in about 2 weeks!!

As you all know, we eat, sleep, and breathe baseball during the spring semester. TJ started baseball season in February, and his team is still rockin' and rollin' GO WOLVERINES!!

Now on to March...

March was a month full of excitement, exhaustion, and a little bit of relaxation. Our girls basketball team advanced to the State Tournament in Austin! I got to take my lovely little cheerleaders to the games...we had a blast and it was a great experience for the girls. The day before we left for Austin, TJ and I found out that we were EXPECTING!!! We are both extremely excited and can't wait until November 14th to get here :)

We also welcomed a much need spring break! I had a few complications in the first 2 months of being pregnant, so I didn't do anything over the first part of spring break...which is exactly what I needed! My cousin Kasey came and stayed with me the last part of spring break :) This has been our tradition for the past 3 year, and I love it!!

Let's stroll on to April...

April was an fabulous month!! TJ and I got to hear the heartbeat of Baby Renshaw when I was almost 12 weeks pregnant :) I can't even begin the relief I felt when I heard the little ticking sound!! Zach and Vanessa came to visit us a couple of days after my doctors appointment...I couldn't keep it a secret any longer!! I am pretty sure I told Vanessa in the first 10 minutes of their arrival. I decided to finally tell Zach the next day!

Telling Uncle Zach about Baby Renshaw! He was really excited...

...then he proceeded to tell me that I looked a little rounder! That little turkey...sheesh!

Shall we move onto May?? I think so!
The next weekend was Mother's Day, so I decided to tell my parents about our little bundle of joy then. Oh I forgot to say, that my parents moved back to TEXAS!!! My dad is the new Command Chief at Randolph AFB, in San Antonio...he's kind of a big deal :) Now let's get back on track...

I knew I had to tell my parents about Baby Renshaw within the first 20 minutes of arriving to their house, otherwise my very excited brother would have spilled the beans!!

I told everyone through picture is a picture of my mom trying to figure out what was going on!! haha

She quickly figured it out!!

I think my dad was the most shocked!! We all shared a few tears :)

After we shared the good news, we went out to eat and then went to see my dad's new office!!

Here is the building that my dad works was pretty cool inside :)

The door to my dad's new office :)

Zach and I on the smallest/oldest elevator that I have ever been on!! ALL 5 of us had to get on the elevator in order to see the top of the building.

After the elevator ride, we had to take the stairs to the very top!

Family photo at the top of my dad's building. I heart my family!!! They are the best :)

Family photo #2 :) I love my sister-in-law Vanessa!

View from the top!
I had an awesome trip to see my family! I was so excited to spend my "first" Mother's Day with my momma...this will be a trip that I will never forget :)
A couple of days after I returned from my trip, we had dinner with TJ's parents. We gave them their frames and they were really excited for us as well.
In a few months when we go out to eat, we will be saying "Renshaw, party of 3"